Having risen in the first, Fireplace hall, by lifts or a marble staircase, you are immersed in the atmosphere with the spirit of aristocracy. The interior of the hall is made of elite marble and natural wood in combination with thousands of crystal chandelier elements. Here every detail is for your high status and sense of impeccable taste.

Renting a Fireplace hall for a banquet in Kiev

  • The Fireplace hall is conditionally divided into 2 spaces: Lounge and Cocktail;
  • In the Lounge area, guests can sit on soft sofas near french windows with a picturesque panorama of Kiev;
  • To retire for conversation in comfortable armchairs near the five-meter bio-fireplace, filling the hall with a soft cozy light;
  • Cocktail zone can be transformed with necessary furniture, according to the format of your event;
  • The capacity of the Fireplace Hall is up to 450 guests in the cocktail format and up to 90 people in the banquet style.

To the Great Hall you can easily come from the Fireplace through the corridor, dotted with crystal sconces.

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Rules for conducting events in RH
Rules of work in the rooms of RH

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The hall is divided into two spaces: Lounge and Cocktail zone. There is the first five-meter Bio – fireplace in Ukraine and sofas near the French windows with panoramic views of Kiev at the Lounge zone. For the decoration of a Cocktail zone there were used elite, high-quality breeds of marble and wood. More than 20,000 items of crystal chandeliers are reflected in the mirrors processed by special technology. This technology is first applied in Ukraine. The geometry of the space is emphasized by the handmade fretworks. Fireplace Hall accommodates up to 450 people in the cocktail format and up to 90 people in banquet.


Splendour and originality of the interior allows to realize the most incredible dreams in the decoration and artistic content of the event. It is possible to realize the most courageous ideas of suspensioning otechnical equipment or artists due to open ten-meter ceiling. Magnificest chandeliers emphasize the majesty of Grand hall. It has a special atmosphere of the royal ballroom. For the first time in Ukraine the ergonomics of the hall was well realized for placing the technical area on the balconies. The Grand Hall accommodates up to 280 people in the banquet format and up to 500 people in the theater format.

PLANNING OF THE fireplace room

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Вариант банкетной рассадки на 288 человек

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Вариант рассадки в формате "коктейль" на 350 человек

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